Good News Monday 24.05.2021

Happy Monday everyone! Start off your week with some fresh news. Good news, that is!

Clinical Trials of Malaria vaccine demonstrate 77% effectiveness in initial trials on young children aged 5-17 months. This is a huge feat as the vaccination could help reduce the annual average death toll of 400,000 people , comprising mostly of children and infants below 5, caused by Malaria.

In 3 independent clinical trials for corrective gene therapy for severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), 48 out of the 50 children who received a corrective gene now have working immune systems, two to three years later after the therapy treatment.

Due to their superior smelling abilities, dogs are being trained to sniff out Coronavirus patients to speed up the detection process, especially at airports, concerts and other mass gatherings. According to the latest trials, the accuracy of the process can range up to 94%.