Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to keep developing the role of social media in digital activism. We need to continue making information accessible and well researched, whilst also providing solutions to the best of our ability.

Our Vision

Joint Narrative is an open forum with the aim to bring light to topics that tend to get lost within social media feeds due to limited bandwidth of mainstream media and algorithms, which have placed us in echo chambers. We will not shy away from shedding light on stories and narratives which some platforms do not explore, due to the fear of external intervention. The narratives will be packed for this fast paced world, for readers to have substantial information through effective infographics. Infographics offer an extensive amount of understanding for readers on the go – further, readers will be given the option to read opinion articles on our website, donate to the cause or sign petitions

. As news readers, we often lose traction of the true cause because we get stuck in an exaggerated and oftentimes, untrue digital realm; therefore we hope to create a platform for the people, by the people – a Joint Narrative.

Our Team

Minahil Rafay (Founder/Co-Editor)

Minahil Rafay is currently pursuing her Masters in Political Communications at American University. She did her Undergrad from John Cabot University in Rome, where she majored in Communications and double minored in Entrepreneurship and Creative Writing. Minahil’s interests stem from ideas of equality in all aspects of life. Through digital activism, she aspires to change societies mainstream ways of thinking and having open minded conversations.

Manizeh Karim (Founder/Co-Editor)

Manizeh Karim is an English Literature & Creative Writing graduate of John Cabot University in Rome. Her B.A. thesis discussed the narratives of creators and their creations; in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and 21st Century Artificial Intelligence. Manizeh is a firm believer in the power of digital humanities, the importance of intellectual humility, and engaging with ideas to see where people are coming from.

Nadia Babar (Founder/Senior Content Creator/Editor)

Nadia is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and currently works in marketing in London. Her primary interests include philosophy, politics and technology. Her honors thesis discussed the effect of modern technology on the ethics of war. Nadia can often be found solemnly contemplating the nihilistic nature of human life and attempting to sound like Albert Camus. 

Our Writers

Our writers/content creators are from all over the world. They ensure that attention is focused on stories people need to see.

Shehrbano Naqvi (Writer)

Shehrbano Naqvi is a writer/editor that dabbles in both poetry and prose. Making her debut in Rome, her work continues to explore the themes of grief, loss, mental health, and toxic societal conventions under her insta penname @banoqvi.

Zachary Bynum (Writer/Content Creator)

Zachary Bynum is obtaining his M.A. in Political Communications at American University. He has a B.A. in Politics & International Affairs with a minor in Religion through Public Engagement from Wake Forest University. He has a “passion for social justice, politics, and Black antics” and uses organizing, educating and digital storytelling to create change for marginalized communities. You can follow him on Twitter at @__zaby

Madeline Buschang 

Madeline is a native of Texas who has worked on and off in politics since 2016. Her academic experience in rhetoric and psychology led her to her current pursuit as a graduate student studying political communication in Washington, DC. You can follow her on Twitter at @mbuschang

Amaial Mullick (Writer/Content Creator)

Amaial Mullick is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto where she double majored in Political Science and Bioethics. Amaial writes about topics she feels passionately about with extensive research. 

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (Writer/Content Creator)

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick is a journalist, writer, and visual storyteller from Chicago, IL. She has a BA in Political Science from John Cabot University in Rome, Italy.

Emily Arndt 

Emily Arndt is a burgeoning communications professional who has worked within the federal government and on multiple political campaigns. She is currently midway through the M.A. Political Communication program at American University. Emily enjoys reading and writing new perspectives. 

Rolando Cruz

Rolando Cruz is a lawyer and former Legislative Assistant from the Puerto Rico House of Representatives. He is currently studying a M.A. in Political Communication at American University, Washington, D.C. He enjoys reading about western history, international politics & FinTech.

Sarah Aslam

Sarah Aslam is a writer by profession and passion, currently working as a Content Writer for a digital marketing agency. As a recent graduate from SZABIST University in Karachi, where she obtained a degree in Social Sciences with a majors in Psychology, she aspires to soon become a Psychologist after acquiring her Masters. Sarah is passionate about Mental Health and Women’s Rights, thus focuses most of her writings on related topics as an attempt to create greater discourse and awareness about them.

Myisha Siddique

Myisha Siddique is a recent Queen’s University graduate with years of writing experience in film, technology, and social issues. As a content creator currently working in Montreal’s artificial intelligence ecosystem. She thrives on making meaningful connections and deep diving into pop-culture and  fresh news stories. Her interests include photography, cooking, and music production.

Parul Wadhawan

Parul Wadhawan is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto with a B.A. (Hons) in International Relations , currently pursuing a career in Geopolitical Risk Analysis. Areas of interest include Foreign Policy Analysis and International Security, with a regional focus on South Asia.