Positive news is proven to lift one’s spirits, even if just slightly. Here’s a few good pieces of news from last week!

Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) reported 0 rhino deaths from poaching for the year 2020, a milestone in the fight against poaching these endangered animals. While many attribute this to reduced travel and activity because of the coronavirus pandemic, KWS boss brigadier John Waweru stated that teamwork and enhanced intelligence operations also contributed to this outcome.

On February 8th, the US announced plans to re-engage with the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), after withdrawing from it almost three years ago under then-President Donald Trump.

The UK government has said that unlawful immigrants living in the UK will not risk deportation by seeking out a coronavirus jab. The vaccine will be free for everyone, regardless of immigration status, and ministers are urging all immigrants to register with a GP.

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